I, Alphabet Mumma, warmly welcome you to my wonderful world.  Here it is much more than just ABC…..we have a daily dose of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and anxiety disorder NOS (not otherwise specified).  In other words never a dull moment 🙂  I am a special needs parent to a child with such disorders.  These children are commonly known as ‘the alphabet kids’.

blogabckidsFrom the beginning of his life our ABC kid never had it easy and neither did our family.  We all went through many years of odd behaviours, tantrums and traumas by day and sleep deprivation by night.  After a nine month team medical evaluation at the age of 5, ABC kid was officially diagnosed with the previous mentioned disorders.  On one hand it was almost a relief to have answers, while on the other it was total panic – for each day and the future as a whole.

I’m still not sure exactly how we got through the ‘fall out’ in the days to follow….. it did help that it was close to Christmas and the magic of Christmas and children together is a very powerful thing indeed.


Here are just some of the pages in our story; I hope you will be entertained, informed and maybe even inspired.