www. lingscars.com/


Home Page

Wow!!! This is the business and craziest home page that I have ever seen.  It is completely overwhelming as there are so many things to see and hear – all at one time!!!  My computer would not even capture a screen shot, sorry.

To begin with I had to mute the soundtrack which I found to be really distracting to my already overloaded senses.

The home page (and all the other pages) are set on a very psychedelic background which would have been quite enough on its own.  Add into the mix a colourful blend of flashing images (particularly at the top and down the right hand side of page) which almost have the same effect as strobe lights.

There are also a lot of moving graphics such as a cat, a dog and a chicken adding to the busyness.  Although they do of course have the cute factor there does not seem to be any other relevance to the purpose of this site.

I noticed that the following pages did take longer than usual to load – I am guessing that it is due to the sheer volume of graphic content.

Cars and Vans

  • There are actually some relevant pictures of cars and vans, however, if you hover over a particular picture the images ‘bounce’.  I thought this was annoying and not at all necessary.

How it Works

  • An embedded tutorial video is flanked by two more images of Ling. I watched a very small portion of this video which is done in computer graphics format.  I heard a racist comment and felt that the way the tutorial was presented is offensive i.e. the presenter was speaking to the second person like he was really stupid.

Price Lists

  • This page is quite busy with too many different colours and fonts and lots of flashing signs.

About Ling

  • Complete with lots of images and information about Ling – a bit overdone I thought.



  • More small images and very large wording which almost covered the lower half of the screen – information overload.
  • Further down an extremely large image of Ling made up of over 3,000 “real happy customer” images apparently.  I thought that this appeared to be almost over confident.

Fun Stuff

  • More visual information overload in the form of a quiz.

Quote or Order

  • Full of large multi-coloured headings.
  • Page ends with another image of Ling and some more over confident words.


This website is poorly designed in the way that it has too much information both audio and visual.  I felt quite bombarded by it all.

Sorry Ling, your website would not convince me to lease a car off you 😦