Whether your child has ASD, ADHD, ODD or any of the other ABC kid disorders they need our help to move forward and this in turn helps us to cope better.  Here are the most successful techniques that have worked for our ABC household.

  • ABC kids are notoriously fussy eaters.  Choose your battles i.e. as long as they are eating it’s ok.  I mix a multi vitamin/mineral/vegetable extract powder (from health store) into my ABC kid’s morning yoghurt to supplement his diet. These children also need to drink lots of water or similar as much as possible because dehydration is very common.
  • Be the calm in your child’s storm.  When your child is having a meltdown remain neutral and give them a safe space.
  • Face your child when speaking to them and use short, unambiguous sentences.
  • Keep instructions minimal i.e. break down into smaller steps.
  • Choices – only offer two at a time.



  • Be a positive role model for child.  Act and speak how you would like them to.  Also do not be afraid to ask others to respect this.
  • Praise your child often – catch them doing anything good and let them know you have noticed.  With much repetition they learn what is acceptable.
  • Teach your child about ‘gentle hands’ i.e. if trying to harm grasp their hands firmly, saying “gentle hands” then redirect them into a creative or helpful activity.
  • Use ‘first and then’ (or ‘when and then’) i.e. first we tidy your room then you may have some i-pad time.
  • Use visuals to mark out activities for the day.  Print relevant daily activity images, laminate them and attach to a laminated page with Velcro dots.  This can help your child transition easier through the day.  Clocks and timers can also be useful.
  • Exercise and lots of it.  ABC kids are usually better at individual sports such as athletics, martial arts, riding or swimming.


  • Sensory activities are also important as an ABC kid’s sensory system is often affected and this can contribute to some negative behaviours.  There are many helpful websites on this subject and as each child is unique it is best to find out what works for them.
  • Use your child’s interests as motivators to learning or rewards – this can help them better understand.
  • Enjoy your ABC kids for who they are.  With much love, patience and understanding they will be the best that they can ever be 🙂